VALENTINE’S DAY: Last-Minute Rooms in Las Vegas $100 or Less

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cora_vegas_2013_720I love spontaneous trips to Vegas so much that I would not object if my husband wanted to zip over there this weekend for Valentine’s Day without prior plans. On the off chance that he might want to, I looked at hotel prices. Ouch! Before you jump to bunk in at some of the best-loved casino resorts in town like Cosmopolitan, Caesars, Bellagio. Be prepared to open your wallets to the tune of almost $300/night or more. Even the cheaper Las Vegas hotels are either double what they normally are, or in some cases, sold out. So, I did some digging and found a few options under $150/night plus some helpful tips to keep the costs down.Heck, I got lucky and found some rooms that I’d stay at for $100 or less!


1. It’ll be easier for you to book a room if you only stay Friday night, February 14. I tried looking for rates for both Friday and Saturday night and some of the hotels had availability for Friday but not Saturday. Or in some cases, Saturday night was near double the cost of Friday night. If you can, take off work and stay Thursday & Friday instead of Friday & Saturday nights.

2. Before you buy a ticket via a typical online travel site, check the hotel’s direct website and compare rates. I checked and rooms at the much-loved Cosmopolitan were an average of $532/night for the two nights. Pricing Friday at $325. But when I checked the Cosmopolitan’s website, they only had availability for Friday night. The price was $250.

3. Split the cost with some friends. Yeah, yeah, it’s Valentine’s Day. A night for love, indeed, but  single people celebrate Valentine’s Day, too. College girls, guys and grads—hello, I’m talking to you. Save money by piling in together.

4. Don’t forget about taxes and fees. If you’re not used to staying in Vegas and are on a strict budget—don’t forget about resort fees. If you see an advertised room rate, make sure you follow the steps to see what the true cost would be after factoring in taxes and resorts fees. It can jack the price up considerably.

5. Remember to ask if they have AAA, Military and Senior rates. It’s an easy way to knock off a few more buckaroos. Sometimes they’ll display in online booking but most times they won’t. Pick up the phone and ask.


(in order of rooms that I’d want to stay in)

Treasure Island | TI is one of my go-to hotels for decent, mid-priced rooms with a great location. I found rooms on their website available for $101.72 on Friday night. The total cost after taxes and fees was $141.93. If I wanted to stay both Saturday and Sunday the price went up to $294.18 or $385.49 after taxes and fees.

Monte Carlo | I found a Deluxe Room with two queen beds available Feb. 14 for $117.80 before tax and the $22 resort fee. The total came to $154.34.

Tuscany Suites | If you need a little bit more space, try the off-strip Tuscany Suites. I haven’t stayed here yet but my husband and other friends have. The suites are 650 square feet, have kitchenettes, living room space and a dining room table. Room start off at $120 for Feb. 14 before taxes and the $17 resort fee.

Hard Rock Hotel | This party palace is not my ideal Vegas hotel, but on a busy weekend like Valentine’s Day weekend the price is right. I found rooms on the hotel’s website starting at $101.65. After taxes and fees it was $138.49.


LVH – The Las Vegas Hotel has a lot of history and quite often a fair deal. It’s close to the Convention Center and monorail. I haven’t stayed here before but it gets decent reviews for a cheap hotel. I found AAA rates starting at $59.96  or $87.32 after taxes and fees. Have a look at the website. If you want to be a baller your dollars can upgrade you into big suites fast.

The Palms – Now that I know about I check there too! It’s a shop where people resell their rooms when they can’t used them anymore. I found a room at The Palms on Feb. 14 for $72.20 or $80.86 after tax. Note: This does not include the resort fee which will be collected at the hotel. Note, I linked to Roomer in this graph, not The Palms.

If you’re willing to use Priceline or Hotwire you can find more rooms under $100/night. Check with if you want a community of support. In order to get those rates you’ll need to venture off the Strip and even delve into three-star hotels. But the deals are there.


Let us know if you find a brag-worthy deal for a Last-Min trip to Las Vegas. And most of all—HAVE FUN!

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