Jen Leo

Jen Leo is a well-known online travel personality. She’s been on both sides of publishing from editing the award-winning five book Sand in My Bra women’s travel humor series with Travelers’ Tales to launching the Los Angeles Times Daily Deals and News Blog in 2007. She was lead blogger there for three years before she moved to London to explore Europe with her toddler and husband.

Now back in the States, Jen loves looking for—and taking advantage of— travel deals. But why keep them to herself? This new website will share all sorts of discounted hotel rooms, vacation package deals, and heavily discounted travel activities and tours. If you’re a Cheap Stingy Bastard, or enjoy the Luxe Life for Less—this website is for you.


P.S. Just a fan of Jen? You can also read, see and hear Jen regularly as a co-host on the award-winning This Week in Travel, as well as on her in her nationally syndicated Web Buzz column in the Los Angeles Times. She also co-founded the non-travel family website BestKidsApps.com.