Susan Brady headshotSUSAN BRADY |  led the research and production departments of the award-winning travel publisher Travelers’ Tales for over 15 years. Her travel writing has appeared in both print and new media, and is co-editor of a book on culinary tourism, The World Is a Kitchen. She loves to travel, focusing on food in every destination. Las Vegas is her secret happy place, where she can wander anywhere unnoticed, dine in both dives and Michelin-starred restaurants, soak in the hot Sin City sun, and sit for hours at a Strip sidewalk café and watch the wacky world go by.


DANA REBMANN | lives in Northern California with her husband and two girls. She refused to believe you have to stop traveling when kids come along and has successfully trained her family to be able to pack a carry-on bag with just minutes notice. Weekends spent exploring the San Francisco Bay Area outnumber those at home, but her favorite trips require a passport and typically a destination with warm sand and blue water. Along with travel, Dana writes about food, wine and anything fun. Dana’s a regular contributor to San Francisco’s 7×, Viator and CiaoBambino. You can find her on Twitter @drebmann